St. Joe Valley Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. was founded in 1930 by 5 clubs.  Today, the Association is still comprised of 5 clubs located in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.  All 5 clubs have their own members and activities which feed into St. Joe Valley.  These clubs primarily compete in an Indoor Bullseye Pistol Gallery League from October to March.  The Outdoor Pistol League begins in April and continues through September.  This league is an individual competition as opposed to the Indoor League which is a team event.




Officers & Board Members:




Glenn Ornat     (574) 315-8979  [email protected]

Vice President

Jeff Coppes   (574) 259-6321  [email protected]

Recording Secretary

Dave Lechlitner



Steve Dodson [email protected]


Small Bore Rifle Director

Whitney Everest (574) 533-9318  [email protected]


Pistol Director

Miriam Everest (574) 533-9318 [email protected]


Cowboy/Action Director

John Darrigan (574) 536-4010  [email protected]


Facilities Director

John Tilden (574) 825-2342  [email protected]



Indoor Pistol League Director 

Lee Ornat (574) 993-3006 [email protected]


Contact—Individual Clubs:


Mishawaka Rifle & Pistol:   Lee Ornat (574) 993-3006   [email protected]


Grand Mere Rifle & Pistol:    Jim Uffner  (269)  252-6694   [email protected]


Elkhart Rifle & Pistol:    Miriam Everest  (574)  533-9318     [email protected]


South Bend Pistol:     Tom Tomczak (574) 282-2486   [email protected]


Wolff's Rowdy Rangers:   John Darrigan  (574)  536-4010  [email protected]





Outdoor Range

16067 State Road 120

Bristol, IN  46507            >>>>


16067 State Road 120 bristol, indiana

Indoor Range  

325 Oakwood Ave.

Elkhart, IN  46514               >>>>


Michigan Indoor Range

5386 Ridge Rd.

Stevensville, MI  49127    >>>>


WEB ADMINISTRATOR: John Darrigan  [email protected]


325 Oakwood Ave. Elkhart Indiana
5386 Ridge Rd. Stevensville, MI 49127