2017 NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships

The Championships will be held on the Wa-Ke'-De Rifle Range in Bristol, Indiana, in July 2017.


July 8       Packet pickup and Practice  (1:00pm., 3 relays)

July 9-12     Conventional Prone Championship

July 13     Randle, Dewar, Fired team Matches, and Mentor Match

July 14-15     Conventional 3-P Championship

July 16-17     Metric 3 P Championship

July 17    Drew Cup, Whistler Boy

Note: Dewar, Randle, Whistler Boy and Drew Cup dates may change at the team captains' discretion.


The Metric Prone Championship will be conducted in March 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Conventional Prone Awards Ceremony will take place on July 13, the Metric 3-P and Conventional 3-P Awards Ceremonies will take place July 17, to include a sit-down dinner. The cost of the dinner is included in the competitor's entry fee, and tickets will be available at the range for family and friends.

Registration for the NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships will be available April 1. Use the NRA Smallbore Rifle Championship Online Entry Form to register, or call 703-267-1456 if you have any questions. The Championships are limited to 200 competitors per Championship (Metric 3-P, Conventional 3-P and Conventional Prone). Competitors MUST have a current NRA Classification Card. Competitors will receive squadding after registration and payment of entry fee; a confirmation will be sent confirming registration and squadding. Shooters who wish to shoot near each other must register together.

Located just 10 miles away from Elkhart, Indiana, the Wa-Ke'-De Rifle Range is located on Highway 120 just a mile and a half east of Bristol. Nestled among pine trees, the range boasts 100 covered firing points laid out on an asphalt firing line.

Several major hotels and restaurants are just minutes away from the range. The local area has a lively Amish community with many shops. There are several golf courses and theme parks in the area. You can find more information at www.amishcountry.org.

Lodging options for the NRA National Smallbore Championships will be made available. Be sure to mention that you are coming to town for the NRA National Smallbore Championships when you call to make your reservations to take advantage of discounts. (Indiana state tax is 12% and will be applied to all room rates.)

The NRA will be providing two Bratwurst lunches, FREE to competitors, at the range. One will be during the Prone Championships and one will be during the 3-P Championships. The meals will be prepared by Mario's.

For more info & sign up, go to: http://competitions.nra.org/championship-tournament/national-smallbore-rifle-championships.aspx


Outdoor Range                                     


16067 State Road 120

Bristol, IN  46507                                  >>>>


16067 State Road 120 BRISTOL INDIANA